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terms & conditions

aka the fine print

  1. This site provides digital design services and products only. No physical products.

  2. Due to the nature of digital files, returns and refunds are not possible.

  3. Please download your files as soon as possible as Wix download links automatically expire after 30 days.

  4. Please check your files prior to printing with any of the following tools:

  5. If there is a problem with your file(s), please email or make use of the contact form on the home page. Only digital files will be corrected and replaced - no refunds or compensation can be given for printed items (e.g. fabric).

  6. Designs are made with a mix of bought commercial use clipart and hand drawn designs. Feel free to be inspired, but please do not make direct copies of my layouts or drawings.

  7. Custom requests may be open from time to time. The Doodle Dame reserves the right to refuse requests.

  8. Please do not request copyright/trademarked character designs. Character requests are accepted if the characters have entered the public domain (e.g. Alice in Wonderland inspired).

  9. Files may not be shared/distributed/resold IN ANY WAY or used to create new digital designs/assets/art packs/etc. for resale/as freebies. The only exception is for files marked as "digital resource friendly" which may only be used with the purchase of the corresponding digital resource licence. The final design must be flattened so that the original file cannot be extracted. The original file may not comprise more than 50% of the new design.

  10. Misprints of a customer provided design may NOT be sold unless the relevant file is subsequently purchased by the printing shop, with the appropriate licence where applicable.

  11. Shop owners with more than one shop must buy a copy of the file (and licence if applicable) for each shop that will use the file. I.e. no sharing between businesses.

  12. Designs may NOT be uploaded to print-on-demand (POD) sites.

  13. Files may NOT be used for wholesale or mass production (e.g. bamboo shops selling pre-made bamboo pajamas, zipper rompers, etc.) unless a mass production/wholesale licence has been purchased. You MUST contact to discuss and arrange a suitable licence. Licences are granted at The Doodle Dame's discretion.

  14. Templates (e.g. easy seamless templates for Affinity Designer or Inkscape) may be used to create digital files for resale.

  15. Fabric printing licences are only required if you have a fabric printing business and plan to print fabric to sell. Please take note of the terms for each licence - the first 100 meters/yards of TDD files printed (cumulatively for all files, not per file) do not require a licence.

  16. No licence is required for personal use or to make hand made end products for sale (e.g. clothes, tumblers).

  17. Custom modifications can be done on request (fee applies) - it is not allowed to edit/modify my files.

  18. Cut and sew templates with The Doodle Dame files are only allowed to be provided by shops that own the relevant files and applicable licences and that print and sell directly to the sewist. No "middle man" services are allowed.

  19. The shop prices are currently in USD ($). Conversions will be done for offline payments via EFT/Yoco.

  20. The currency converter plugin provides an estimate of the prices in several other currencies and may be different to the final amount due to fluctuations in exhange rate. The Doodle Dame is not responsible for any differences to the estimates shown - always refer to the USD value for the fixed price.

  21. File categories and ribbons are added in bulk and may contain unintentional errors. Feel free to contact The Doodle Dame should you find an error so that it can be rectified.

We reserve the right to update the terms and conditions as required with no notice.

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