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Gift wrapped box for Affinity Photo

Gift wrapped box for Affinity Photo


Mockup for Affinity Photo


Please note continuity along edges is a best effort and may have some minor continuity issues (only visible when zommed in).


This is due to the method required to wrap designs in Affinity Photo. If future software updates allow for better wrapping, this file will be updated.


    Due to the nature of digital files, returns/refunds are not possible. If you have a concern with the file, please email for assistance.

    You may not share/resell this product, or pass it off as your own.

  • Affinity Photo Version Note

    These mockups were created in Affinity Photo Version 1 - they can be opened and used in both V1 and V2, but once saved in V2 cannot be opened by V1 again.  

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