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Easy seamless template for Inkscape

Easy seamless template for Inkscape


This is a tool to create seamless patterns in Inkscape. Drag and drop your artwork, follow the instructions and create seamless layouts in minutes!

This file only works with Inkscape!

The following files are included in this download:
- SVG file for Inkscape with 3 sections (artwork layout area, clone tile area, and instructions)
- JPEG file with instructions

This tool makes use of the clone function in Inkscape - no operations or offsets required! Beginner friendly!

This tool works best for non-overlapping design elements (non-stacked) - if you choose to overlap elements, please check the design carefully for consistency.

The final seamless design will measure approx. 10"x10".

Please be sure to follow the export instructions carefully and ensure that you set your output to 300dpi (Inkscape default is much lower).

This tool can be used to create designs for personal and commercial use.

Credit is not required, but much appreciated. Please link to

Need Inkscape? Get it here for free:


    Due to the nature of digital files, returns/refunds are not possible. If you have a concern with the file, please email for assistance.

    You may not share/resell this product, or pass it off as your own.

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