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Checkered rainbow bright black - seamless

Checkered rainbow bright black - seamless


Seamless checkered pattern. Can be tiled indefinitely. Perfect for fabric printing.

Great as a coordinate!


  • Usage terms

    File can be used for personal or commercial use (end products for sale). For fabric printing, please purchase the fabric printing licence add-on.

    These files can be used as fills for text or with clipping masks applied to create other digital resources with the purchase of a digital resource licence add-on. Only 1 licence is required for the bundle. Please note that the new resourse MUST be flattened - it must not be possible to extract the original file.


  • Licence terms

    Please see the licence terms section on the website - these terms are the default terms and override any erroneous terms that may be found on individual listings (e.g. due to listing copy errors). 

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